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I believe that advancement in technology is the way forward. There is no turning back from where we are and I won’t be awe-struck to see a day when there may be a technology to contact God too. Ok! That idea maybe a little too farfetched, but you get the drift. We are progressing in terms of technology and every country is gloriously contributing to that pool and India has done some phenomenal contribution too.

The growth of IT sector in India has contributed to the economic progress of the country. The city in India that has and is contributing majorly to this IT boom is Bangalore. Bangalore is known as the Silicon Valley of India. It is a major hub for information technology.

On my recent visit to Bangalore, I was amazed to see the astounding number of apps and the city’s dependence on the same. There is an app for everything and anything. IT startups are audaciously mushrooming in every corner of Bangalore adding to the growth of technology based companies.  Infact, when you walk through the roads of Bangalore, every third person you come across is working for an IT firm. It is no surprise then, that Bangalore is called the IT capital of India.

How did the boom happen?

In 2017, the World Economic Forum named Bangalore as the world’s most dynamic city, based on factors of innovation and technology. Moreover, Bangalore ranks 19th on the global list of the top 25 high-tech cities in the world.

It all began in the 1970’s when electronic city was established in Bangalore. What made electronic city effortlessly famous were the low property rates and lower taxes. Soon, companies like Infosys & Wipro shifted their base and set up offices in Bangalore. Electronic city led to the establishment of many IT parks.

Another event that really impacted the IT culture of the city was the introduction of Computer Science as an engineering branch.  Very few institutes offered CS as a separate course when it started. However, as the demand for the course picked up, the number of colleges offering the course also increased. All this together generated more software engineers’ graduates in Bangalore.

The city has good infrastructure that has pushed more and more companies to start up in Bangalore. The positive attitude of the Indian youth, an authentic increase in usage of technological medium and education has made Bangalore the IT hub of India

What’s next?

Thanks to brilliant technology, good infrastructure and much cheaper work force, Bangalore has raced ahead in the startup eco system.  According to a Global Startup Ecosystem Ranking, Bangalore, is the only Asian city apart from Singapore to be featured in the top 20

More venture capital firms are favouring Bangalore over most other cities. This move has paved the way for more daring individuals to take the plunge in the world of IT startups. The city is only going to grow from here. Bangalore is the hi-tech city of India and is dedicated to generate more IT firms every day.

With various empowering government initiatives like ‘Startup India’ , ‘Make in India’ and ‘Digital India’, Bangalore will further expand  its  potential and create an even bigger eco system for the new  technology entrepreneurs.

by Gauri Palekar

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