The new partnership relationship between leaders and employees requires the ability to support, coach and to cheer employees on. Effective leadership is targeted to specify accurately which leadership behaviour is most suitable under certain conditions and therefore will lead to the best results. Therefore regardless behavioral or contingency approach  is crucial to analyze the situation you are in, and then use the most appropriate strategy. It helps building up relationships, developing competence and self-reliance in others, reaching higher commitment level, so it works to the benefit of the leader, the employee and the organization alike.

Leadership development is one key area to keep a competitive advantage worldwide no matter your industry or business model.

As cultural adaptability plays the key role in developing those leading skills, we have put together an easy to follow, yet incredibly efficient program dedicated to leaders of global teams or projects. This program is highly adaptable to the attendees need to specific markets/cultures.

  1. Cross – cultural awareness – evaluate your strong and blind spots when switching to global management
  2. Business as usual across the globe – the characteristics of business culture and behaviors in the markets of your interest
  3. Leading global teams – leadership skills for managing a global environment
  • movies
  • group discussion
  • reading, profiling
  • presentation practice exercises

8  hours

  • Managers who want to become highly effective leaders by learning how to adapt different leadership styles to different situations.
  • Min – 8
  • Max – 16