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As the major skill-gaps they were facing were related with managers or entrepreneurs experience regarding business expansion: not turning vision into specific goals, lack of analytical skills, thinking of the box ( more often inside the box),  making emotional decisions, lack of experience in leading major projects, logistics challenges;

Other gaps mentioned were related with drawing effective marketing plan for successful business launch.Also statics show that each year, billions of dollars are lost because of cross-cultural mismatch.

If having similar challenges, we are pleased to invite you and your team members to upskill and refine your business expansion competencies, as we set a Strategic Thinking workshop, on 18th of April, in Bucharest.

You will upskill your  Strategic Thinking competences, close the gap for mentioned above challenges, learn how to use proven models for achieving your business goals, influence clients and subordinates and benefit of the experience of the international  trainer Iulian Ionita.

Strategic Thinking is not a new way of thinking; many successful large organizations have used these practices to establish a clear and precise path on which to carry out their vision. It is essentially both critical and outside the box thinking, in which all business details are written down in black and white, so that all team members work cooperatively to drive success in the most direct path with the least resistance.

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Looking forward to meet you!
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