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Today, than ever business success requires intercultural awareness and effective cross cultural communication skills. Working, meeting, dealing, entertaining, negotiating and corresponding with colleagues or clients from different cultures can be a minefield. One wrong movement or an error in basic understanding could ruin or delay months of work.

Navigate the Indian business culture in an amazing workshop!

If you:

  • have colleagues or partners in India and you want to close the communication challenges (yes- no gap, motivation gap, time perspective)
  • need practical advises on how to manage your global team
  • are looking to understand the Indian business culture

Then you need to join us on December 15th, meet Rana Johal as facilitator, at Caro Hotel, Bucharest.

Book your seats at  !

 Getting trained at spotting and using cultural differences in communication becomes one of the top skills of managers and regular employees in international companies.

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