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Join us on 17th November for 3 fun and interactive sessions!

Strategies to close cross-cultural gaps

  • How can you make sure your words are interpreted in the way you intended to?
  • How much formality is required in business meetings around the globe?
  • What is the difference when making presentations in Asia or Europe?

We receive these kind of questions as businesses evolve and people have to communicate more and better with their colleagues from different cultures. If these situations are relevant for you as well, join our workshop to discover more.

Three hours together with us will help you discover:

  • The main gaps in business communication between cultures today
  • Relevant strategies to solve difficult situations
  • Resources you can use to teach your people to be more efficient in cross-cultural environment

Join us for a fun and interactive session!

17th November 9:30- 12:30 Crowne Plaza Bucharest

Tips and Tricks for IT &BPO Recruitment

  • How effective is my organizational recruitment process considering work-force crisis context – lack of IT people, lack of German or Nordics speakers?
  • What is the success recipe considering the difficult profiles to recruit?
  • Do my recruiters have the right skills to face the recruitment challenges of a very competitive market?

The increasing complexity and challenges in Recruitment requires strategic decisions.  Therefore the Recruitment leader’s role has shifted. Nowadays, the successful Recruitment Managers are choosing to move wise on the chessboard.

Two hours together with us will help you discover:

  • Relevant strategies for enriching the pipeline
  • New skills needed for managing the whole recruitment process
  • Solutions for dealing with candidates indifference or skepticism
  • Examples form other cultures- business cultures or neighbors

17th November 13:30 -15:30 Crowne Plaza Bucharest

Development Journeys Alignment

  • What to do when the corporate direction or development strategy doesn’t touch the real needs of your population?
  • How big is the gap between corporate culture and the local one?
  • How to match development plans for different population inside a branch or a region?

When talking about development plans people usually try to use proven methods and plans company-wide. This has some benefits, of course, but too often, one element is disregarded when choosing and implementing these plans: cultural differences.

In this short workshop, you will find out:

  • What are the differences in people development around the world
  • What to adapt to local specific in development plans
  • Relevant examples of matching global with regional organisational cultures and development needs

Join us for a fun and interactive session!

17th November 16:00-18:00 Crowne Plaza Bucharest

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